Vanphuc silk village

There are a lot of ancient handmade village in our country, in which we have Vanphuc silk village where is the famous silk village of Hanoi to contemplate the genuine traditional silk-making industry.

The way to enter the village
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Ninh Binh – where mountain and river touch each other

We decided to discover Ninh Binh promptly, and that place welcomed us by a peaceful afternoon.

Traveling always expands our horizons.

Ninh Binh is about 90 km away from Hanoi, it is not too far, and easy transportation, where has forests, a diverse system of fauna and flora, The topography encompasses plains and the mountains of Vietnam northwest mountain range, and the river goes through mountains to create some amazing caves.

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Food-tour in Haiphong city

Hai Phong is a famous city with phoenix flowers along 2 sides on almost streets, and especially, that place has a lot of scrumptious foods. Also due to loving foods, I booked a bus to visit Haiphong city for 2 days with a long list of street foods. That’s awesome, I loved it.

And, now I would like to share some famous foods of phoenix city and hope you could come and enjoy them.

Crab fried roll
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Quarantine time – an unforgettable memory

The second time corona virus outbreak in Vietnam was from 10 Mar 2020 by the 17th patient who backed from UK. At the end days of Mar, almost the flight cancelled to ban people do not go everywhere to push the spreading rapidly, Vietnam is not exceptional. So that’s why Vietnamese people were traveling, studying, working from over the world, we must comeback VN by the way. Our government required using all concentrate camps of military, all university dormitories to become the places for people comeback from foreign countries. They also asked all armies, polices, students to be volunteers for fighting Covid 19.

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Hanoi, 12 flower seasons

Perhaps, almost people only know Hanoi where is different to other cities by 4 seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter. However, as for local people, the loving point of Hanoi is twelve flowers season according to 12 months in a year. For more than 20 years I have been living there, it seems as my hometown and also it is very closed to me with romantic beauty.

Let’s discover which flower in each month.

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