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Don’t be scared stiff when got virus

I’m deeply careful to protect myself with Coronavirus, always wear face mask, clean my hands and avoid joining crowded places. Though, in the situation, my country re-opened like new era which living with virus, therefore where and when I got virus.

Don’t be too frightened when virus comes to you, anything can be happened without notify.

Here, I would like to share some tips if you got virus like me.

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The benefits of tourism to society

After almost countries access into the globalization, tourism has become a vital sector that impacts in the development of any nation’s economy, and it also bring many benefits to people. With this essay, I will discuss more detailed about this industry.

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Less spare time or less money?

My leisure time

The demand of money is unlimited depends on the people’s lifestyle. Some people prefer to enjoy their life thus it is unnecessary to get too much money, but they have more spare time for their family and doing whatever they like than vice versa. As for my opinion, I partially agree to both of these points having the advantages and disadvantages.

To commend with, if having more money and less free time, people must spend a lot of time in their works. Besides, they don’t have enough spare time for their family or traveling surprisingly enjoying their life. Moreover, people only focus on their jobs then it is easy to be stressful even get some diseases due to less free time for exercises. However, the adaption of their hard work, could be beneficial for their family’s needs and other luxurious pastimes. Furthermore, they are like a hero to comfort their next generations even their relatives and people around them.

On the contrary, someone would like to enjoy their life, they want to have free time to play with their kids even talk their spouse or their parents, and so on. Even though, they could have more time to feeling the life such music, films, nature and many more. In fact, there are some businesses like investing stocks, real estate which don’t need much time to work, however they don’t know how to earn money, they will less money for their expenses. Nonetheless, they have a little money, the result is they can’t go traveling wherever they like, they can’t buy the beautiful clothes even updated model, their kids couldn’t go to the school where has a good education system.

To conclude, both money and time are essential thus depending on person’s preference including their style, money is more important than spare time or not which one also has both pros and cons. In my opinion, people should manage both in order to balance their needs.

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Book, one of our teachers

one of my favorite books

One day, my friend talked with me about reading book, she mentioned that reading book is not useful,

There are many different opinions about reading book, especially nowadays Vietnamese people rarely read books.

Many people think reading book is not useful and waste time, they’d love using their free-time for playing games, watching films and some people concern that book is mainly theory not actual life.

As for me, I’ve gotten the totally different view about this issue.

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Quarantine time – an unforgettable memory

The second time corona virus outbreak in Vietnam was from 10 Mar 2020 by the 17th patient who backed from UK. At the end days of Mar, almost the flight cancelled to ban people do not go everywhere to push the spreading rapidly, Vietnam is not exceptional. So that’s why Vietnamese people were traveling, studying, working from over the world, we must comeback VN by the way. Our government required using all concentrate camps of military, all university dormitories to become the places for people comeback from foreign countries. They also asked all armies, polices, students to be volunteers for fighting Covid 19.

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