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The stunning view from the second highest roof-top in Hanoi

There are several photos I took the overview of Hanoi from Lotter Center which is the second highest building in our city. The day I went to this building was quite humid thus the photo are not really astounding. Honesty, the outside sightseeing is definitely different.

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Hue – an ancient city is poetic and tranquil

After 5 years, I returned Hue where is our ancient Palace of our 13 last Kings and that was recognized a cultural heritage by UNESCO , the scenery has been still peaceful and unique that seems nothing has changed for time spans ranging from decades to centuries.

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Moc Chau – Fairy Waterfall

To begin with, Fairy Waterfall is a new destination of my trip last week which is belong to Moc Chau, Son La. Surely, this waterfall is totally natural, that has not touched by human yet, thus the coming way is quite hard with high mountain passes. However, you will be never doubted when seeing the scenery here.

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