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Ly Son, a mystery of nature

I had a chance to visit Ly Son the first time for 5 years ago, I was extremely attractive by natural beauty, human, foods at there.

Our trip must be flied from Hanoi to Chu Lai Airport, after that we took a vessel from mainland to Ly Son island about 1 hour.

Ly Son island is including a main island and a smaller island which is called “Be” island.

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Mu Cang Chai – a destination of nature

Mu Cang Chai

Covid-19 is spreading the fourth in my country, it is the time to stay at home and I look back the past about Mu Cang Chai which is a West North with many terraces and mountains go around.

The road from Hanoi city to Mu Cang Chai is not too hard about 300km forward to West, which is famous of conversational and spectacular sightseeing.

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Vietnamese Tet holiday


Each time spring comes, we are happy to celebrate 🎉 Tet holiday, normally it happens in the end of January or February according to the lunar calendar.

Although this year is a special case cause Corona virus, we still try to prepare some unique things in our holiday as flowers, sticky rice cake, fried spring rolls, and also buy something news to replace old ones. Tet holiday is also the occasion to express the respect and gratitude to our parents, our grandparents.

The traditional Tet festival lasts for three days. It is considered a time to begin new stuff, to discard the problems of the past year and start all over. People buy new clothes and often change jobs or switch careers. During the last week of the old year, they sweep away all the bad things that have accumulated in the previous 12 months with a thorough cleaning of their homes and gardens, especially including altars that honor gods and ancestors.

This festival is our biggest vacation yearly, we have 5-7 days to celebrate it with all members in our family and including our relatives, our friends, certainly all companies and restaurants, coffee shops close to allow their staffs go back their hometown.

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Don’t waste one day in Hanoi

If you come to Hanoi, our capital, how do you spend the time to discover?

Actually, you could visit all places and taste all kind of unique foods in Hanoi, so I would like to introduce some specific ones then you could explore and understand about our city, our culture by shortest way.

Almost people know Hanoi as a traditional city with maintaining ancient places or local people’s lifestyle.

Let’s discover Hanoi with me one day.

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Ninh Binh – where mountain and river touch each other

We decided to discover Ninh Binh promptly, and that place welcomed us by a peaceful afternoon.

Traveling always expands our horizons.

Ninh Binh is about 90 km away from Hanoi, it is not too far, and easy transportation, where has forests, a diverse system of fauna and flora, The topography encompasses plains and the mountains of Vietnam northwest mountain range, and the river goes through mountains to create some amazing caves.

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