Let’s explore our country, Vietnam


After a long time, our country has banned due to Corona virus, our Government might decide to open the tourism step by step from this November. Now, it is the right time to make decision where is the first place that you would like to travel in my country.

The benefits of tourism to society

After almost countries access into the globalization, tourism has become a vital sector that impacts in the development of any nation’s economy, and it also bring many benefits to people. With this essay, I will discuss more detailed about this industry.

Less spare time or less money?

The demand of money is unlimited depends on the people’s lifestyle. Some people prefer to enjoy their life thus it is unnecessary to get too much money, but they have more spare time for their family and doing whatever they like than vice versa. As for my opinion, I partially agree to both of these […]

Do you think about children’s story books?

It is argued that some people believed it is not good for children whereas they prefer to reading comic books than doing other valuable actions. As for my opinion, I completely disagree this idea and would like to expand more details.


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About Me

Hi I’m Donna from Vietnam. I’m glad you’re seeing my blog. I hope it is useful for you in discovering all about Vietnam, my beautiful country. In addition, I would like to share about foods and traditional products, all things of Vietnam. What are you waiting for? Please do not hesitate to contact me for more details. Enjoy your time!

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6 thoughts on “Let’s explore our country, Vietnam

  1. You wouldn’t know how helpful your blog is to first time travelers. It was wonderful to read about your country and its diversified mountains, stupendous and delightful environment you have. I would say that it would be a place that’s impressive to experience. Million thanks for the inspiring informations. Hope you will find time to write more about the many interesting places and food in your country. See you someday. 🙂


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