Book, one of our teachers

one of my favorite books

One day, my friend talked with me about reading book, she mentioned that reading book is not useful,

There are many different opinions about reading book, especially nowadays Vietnamese people rarely read books.

Many people think reading book is not useful and waste time, they’d love using their free-time for playing games, watching films and some people concern that book is mainly theory not actual life.

As for me, I’ve gotten the totally different view about this issue.

Firstly, reading book is like traveling to discover fantastic places and their cultures.

By many experiences of writers, we can go everywhere that you want. You know, it’s so hard to go to our North mountains such as Ha Giang, Cao Bang, however through Wandering Through Vietnamese Culture – author Huu Ngoc, we deeply imagine about the whole screens and local people in that place. He told us about tiny stories, local foods, and many activities which local people do daily.

I don’t want to discuss about traveling around the world if you have a lot of money, however not too much people like as you, therefore by each pages of a traveling magazine or book, we could imagine a beautiful place far from your side.

Secondly, books help us to enhance our knowledge.

Through reading book, you know many famous characters/people who do well each industry, as Warrent Buffet, a biilionair in stock market or Bill Gate, a founder of Microsoft. From them, we could summary their experiences and apply some useful stuffs in our life.

My friend invests money in stock market, and he reads the book about experiences of Warrent Buffet, and he uses his money and invest for long term not “play with waves” in short – term. After 5 years, he’s got richer and become a Shark Tank in our country.

Thirdly, reading book is a method to improve our memory.

As you know, when we become older and older, our memory is also the same. In order to improving our memory, reading books will supply “word” into our brain as supplying nutridents.

When you read books, you must record and remember everything as famous characters, wonderful places, delicious dishes..which you read. As a daily routine, it repeat and repeat to make your memory improving step by step.

Finally, reading book is a way of relaxing.

It is unnecessary reading about science, about social, we could enjoy reading by other kinds as fictions, comics, poems which we can learn from.

At this time, I am reading “Wimpy Kids” which tell about a lazy boy but he is very intelligent, from that I can study English by basically words.

Up to each people, we get a different way of reading books which is convenient and useful to ourselves.

In conclusion, by my view, reading book is very good at our knowledge, our relaxing, our memory and help us traveling around the world and meet many famous people.

What about your opinion about books?

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