Home is a bunch of sweet star fruits

Our garden

To commend with, I came back my home sweet home after closely 6 months in quarantine, that term is not too long also too short, though. It was a truly sensitive minutes when I saw my parents who are elder than before and have many white strand of hair then I wish the time could get back the past. As last time, I visited my beloved parents once a month, however due to Covid-19, the gap is so huge and more over, I didn’t want to give the risk of virus to them. Certainly, they are extremely delighted which were expressed their eyes.

Our home is a lovely destination with fabulous garden which is covered by green color. Though, my parents do water and take care of it every single day, in some cases my Mom hardly throws insects away which eat our vegetables in the evening. Also, there are many chicken including both of roosters and hens which we could have some eggs daily. Definitely, we are unnecessary to buy some kinds of food in the market such as vegetables, chicken meat, eggs, butter and many more.

For your reference, here are some vegetables and fruits in our lovely garden.

Tea tree
A small corner

In fact, all of things are absolutely close to recall me about my childhood after a long haul working time.

Consequently, my parents become elder and weaker like yours, therefore I hope we could visit and give them the happiness more frequently.

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