Hue city (Part 2) – a heaven of foods

Aside from a tranquil and historical scenery, there are the myriad of local cuisines such as Hue beef noodle, mussel rice, flat steamed rice dumplings (bánh nậm) and many more.

Banh ram it is topped with shrimp powder and stir-fried onion

Hen rice

Banh ram it is topped with shrimp powder and stir-fried onion.

Bread flour cake (banh bot loc)

Banh canh (Hue noodle) with a unique noodle and shrimp soup

Banh beo

Grilled fish noodle with spicy soup

Banh nam (rice cake with grind-ed meat)

Bun bo Hue (Hue-style beef noodle soup) that can be found on every street corner in Hue

Che (sweet soup) used to be an indispensable dessert for Kings and and Royal families during the reign of the Nguyen dynasty, much liked for its freshness and nutritional value. It’s not difficult to find sweep soups in Hue where you can enjoy various kinds of this dessert such as lotus seed, taro sweet soup and others. These specialties are bound to satiate you sweet tooth.




There is a variety of Hue cuisines we should discover as well explore our traditional heritage.

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