Moc Chau – a fabulous place in spring

Have you ever been to Vietnam?

Vietnam is a beautiful country to visit in Asia. To name a few of most famous beaches as Halong bay, Danang beach, Phu Quoc Island. Aside from the beaches, there are also many beautiful mountains as Sapa, Fanxipang…in North of Vietnam

But this time, I will share to you a some of wonderful sightseeing’s in North West of Vietnam that is Moc Chau.

Moc Chau Plateau is located in Son la province, about 180 kilometers far from Hanoi where is a must – visit destination in Vietnam because of its beautiful landscapes with green tea plantations, many herds of milk cows,..

Let’s go and explore Moc Chau Plateau in spring, we will dive in many flowers such as plum blossoms, apricot blossoms, rape flowers and some other special places in there.

The first place we visit, is plum and apricot blossom farm. It’s amazing when you are in front of the Farm, many flowers blossom in the spring to make cover all trees a white color where is considered as a heaven of spring. It is inspired by this majestic paysage that similar to snows falling in Europe and also be familiar when spring comes in Moc Chau. The sweetie blossoms are “easy come easy go” only last about 2-3 weeks and mainly bloom on the Tet holiday. At that time, blossoms are everywhere from the villages to the fields, both sides of the roads, come to the small valleys in the cliffs.

Besides many blossoms, sometimes we lodge some plum fruits on the trees which create a mystical spring of this place. These fruits will be harvested from Apr to May every year, and we probably visit Moc Chau once more to join our plum festival in-which we pick fruits and eat as much as possible.

It is so easy to find many rape flower fields on the road and we also can see some mountains which create a poetic painting. And sometimes, we could meet some ethnic minority people who are friendly, lovely. Coming this area, we discover their plain and peaceful daily life, also we acknowledge about their cultural identities of each section.

Strawberry farm is also enchanting beauty of Moc Chau, we likely come in the farm and gather fruits. we may enjoy the fresh fruit at the farm right away. Moreover, we also admire the exquisite scene at the dawn or the sunset when farmers weed and water to their plants.

Nearby, Moc chau is a famous with plum and apricot blossoms, strawberries, buckwheat, we also relish the cherry blossoms on the roads. There is a pink color to flutter the whole tree by petals which make more and attractive to absorb travelers.

Tay Tien monument

The last one, I would like to introduce to you about Tay Tien (Westward) monument where saves all memories of many national heroes in a military war. They dedicated their youth, their life to liberate in our country because of protecting our country. We are the next Vietnamese generations, who always memorize about their great sacrifices. This historical place is described by the mighty poem “Westward March”.

Scattered along the frontier were graves away from home

Of those who left for battlefields without regretting their youth

Shrouded in military uniforms instead of reed mats, they returned to earth

The Ma river roared a solo – journey dirge

(Poem: Westward March – translation to English)

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