Coto – listening to the songs of sea

“That’s awesome” I shouted loudly when I set the foot on this place where welcome me by sunny and windy with the romantic song of waves.

Coto is an archipelago belong to Quang Ninh province where has Ha Long bay, one of World’s seven natural wonders.

I entered Coto in absolutely sunny and hot weather. Nevertheless, I extremely felt the comfortable and fresh air of beach.

A tuk tuk picked up us to a homestay – Coto Jade which is a simple and friendly bungalow. And after lunch, we started our joyful trip in Coto Island.

Hong Van beach

The first place we visited is Hong Van beach of crisp, clean golden sand stretches for a kilometers or more and is crowed with holidaymakers. As far as the eye, we can see on one side, there is the headland, on top of which sits a lighthouse. On the beach, there are many beach games as jet-skiing, rowing, canoeing, kite surfing…you should try.

Next day, I woke up at 5am and walked to Mong Rong Rocky Beach to see the dawn.

Mong Rong Rocky Beach is an deeply impressed point of Coto Island where is “must be there” place when you travel this beautiful island. This is a natural rocky beach which has unique colors and shapes where is the most spectacular landscape in Coto archipelago. Catching the dawn here, you will applaud enjoying the mixture of the music of murmuring waves and the fresh blue water on the sedimentary rocks with the sun

Mong Rong Rocky

Especially, it surely attracted me by many small crabs, a lot of snails and others which are covered by stones. I moved some stones and picked up the objects which I only can take in the morning when the tide ebbed. On the other hand, when the sea rises and the tide come in, the water sea will cover all the stones, and the sedimentary rocks.

When the sunset, we returned this place and saw the tide came in, it’s fully magnificent as a natural wonder. We climbed a mountain near to it rocky beach and looked down the entire of sightseeing. and , there are a lot of flowers and fruits of sapoche plants along the way to mountain which draw a romantic painting. The weather was also beginning to cool, I sensed the salty of sea wind.

This rocky beach is completed separated with from the noisy of the town, we have benefit from strolling, climbing the rock patterns and looking down the sea. Perfectly, the water sea is fresh and blue, we can see clearly everything below the water.

Coto “baby” island

The second place you must be is Coto “baby” where nobody are living, and it is seemed as a heaven of North of Vietnam. Coto “baby” attracts tourists by unconditionally pristine and fantastic beaches

On the way to pier, we discovered a rudimentary wooden bridge crossing which is an amazing “check in” place in the middle of boundless sea cloud and sky.

While I was on canoe, we saw a large of corals, reefs, seaweeds and fishes were swimming under the fresh sea water, furthermore, I caught sign of some islets as lion islet, Chan Kieng islet, etc.

Stepping down the canoe with the cool feeling of sea water, in the blink of an eye you have set foot on the pristine small island. and definitely, “how is amazing” with white sand, fresh and blue water, also the peaceful environment. Some girls were sunbathing or some couples were swimming, they made out restfully. Additional, I took part in some team building activities as beach volleyball, tug of war…people made closer together. The beach has many kinds of seashells which I took as natural gifts.

After swimming in a cool blue water, playing with the waves and the winds, we enjoyed drinking coconut and looked at other people who were playing and laughing on the seashore, and additional we saw many seagulls flying in the sky with full of white clouds, that is a harmonious life.

In case, you need a peaceful to relax after stressful time, this one is a right choice and whether you go on vacation on weekdays, this seashore likes as a paradise and belong to ourselves only, the feeling is yo-most.

Coto Bridge

Moreover there are some others as Van Chay beach, loving street or lighthouse or Uncle Ho beach where you should explore in Coto, also you should use a night to go fishing the squid that is very interesting cause you must be patient to wait for squid to be enticed. Besides, seafood in Coto are fresh, delicious with mantis shrimps, squids, crabs, snails… actually diverse kinds.

Other sides, I had an evening to go around the town and discovered the local people’s life, they absolutely have a positive living with continuously karaoke almost their houses and all the streets

Although my trip ended already, I’ve still remember our fondness, our emotion to Coto – an significant island. Certainly, I will comeback once more.

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