Vietnamese Coffee

Coffee is a necessary food every single day

Vietnam is well-known that is the second largest producer in the world after Brazil. Coffee seems our daily necessary beverage, unable missing every single day, not only me but also almost Vietnamese people like drinking coffee. However, the flavor of Vietnamese people are different to others creating our own specificity.

While some popular kinds of coffee in foreign country are Americano, Esspresso, Latte, Capuccino which are from fresh coffee beans and some of them including fresh milk, Vietnamese people drink coffee with condensed milk so that’s why the taste is quite sweet, on the other hand some of Vietnamese people drink coffee which made by our own filters, so the taste of coffee is quite strong. Besides that, we can drink only coffee or with some sugars and condensed milk. To be honestly, which kind of coffee has the particularly different taste to others based on the favor of each person.

vietnamese coffee with condensed milk

The flavor coffee in North and South of our country are also diferent to each other. In South, people drink coffee like normal water, they can drink for a whole day replace of fresh water so the taste of coffee is light, in additional they add more sugar or condensed milk to be sweeter drinking. However, people in South enjoy the favor of this one by stronger flavor, and normally, they drink coffee in the morning and enjoy the smelling and tasting of coffee.

Drinking coffee is such as the culture of each area in our coffee country, each way of enjoying this beverage also show the own character of each person. Example, people like drinking sweetend coffee or we named it as “bac siu” which is a lot of sugar or condensed milk to show a sweety character of that person, or people love filtered coffee who is reality and they want to taste the detail of coffee flavor.

In this subject I also would like to show you the coffee flower which one is not unknown with every people. This kind of flower is white, many pentals with a soft smelling, which blooms in Mar, spring season, afterthat coffee fruits appeared step by step on the trees. We harvest coffee beans from Aug. If you would like to discover our coffee area, come to Tay Nguyen where is hometown of coffee with many huge coffee farms.

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