Com, young sticky rice in Hanoi

Hanoi’s young rice

When people talk about Hanoi in autumn, surely they will remember Com which is a special food in this city.

Com is like a gift to farmer from unripe sticky rice in autumn season, which seems to be a signal of autumn with its plain but elegant taste, especially when it is enjoyed with ripe banana or persimmon. But it should be the process of making Com that illustrates its grace better.

Firstly, rice are collected from field is threshed and sieved. Then people well rounded rice seeds are selected and roasted. It is necessary to stir steadily to keep the heat stable. After that, roasted seeds are crushed about ten times and finished Com is wrapped in lotus leaves to absorb their subtle scent. When we enjoy eating, beside the milk tasting of Com, we also feel the smelling of lotus leaves which are so fresh, soft, attractive.

From traditional Com, nowadays people make some dishes such as young sticky rice cake, sweeten young sticky rice paste which are very appetite.

Autumn comes, certainly almost local people and tourists will enjoy the fresh Com and all of Com’s dishes.

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