Have you ever try eating Dalat foods?

That’s so true almost people are acknowledged Dalat where is a romantic place for couples and families with fresh air, comfortable feeling. Especially, there are four seasons in one day, you could walk around the Tuyen Lam lake to sense the spring atmosphere in the early morning, then summer comes with hot, sunny at the noon, in the afternoon the weather is autumn, quite cool, however you will feel the coldness in the evening, so that’s why people should bring a coat and a craft when going outside.

Besides many beautiful and romantic places, Dalat marks me by a lot of delicious foods.

The first one is grilled beef which is cooked by nature coal and the line of beef is thin and soft to mix with the unique ingredients blow the attractive smelling, and of course, customers grill beef by themselves to enjoy all the process. After finishing, we could eat grilled beef with lectures and some kinds of vegetables and drip in a special fish sauce. It is amazing, the taste is delicious by beef, fish sauce, vegetables.

snails stuffed with pork

The second one is snails stuffed with pork which is famous in Dalat, which is made from purred snail and pork then they re-put in snail cover and steam. I don’t know why the taste of this one in Dalat is different to others. It is very special that in Dalat you cook by yourself unless the beginning steps (pure, mix..)

When you come to a Dalat restaurant, the seller will bring an oven and a pot of snail, after that you steam and enjoy your foods. You have a point there, this food is not oily and quite sweet of snail and pork, therefore you could eat too much until you want to stop.

Can cake

Can cake is a traditional food in Dalat for long time ago, there are some tastes as egg, beef, been, pork dumplings, etc…. It is made from a unique power of Dalat people to mix with tastes and grill by a special oven as you see the picture above. You could feel the crisp of cake cover, and the taste of that cake. If you want to try this food, you should come the restaurant early and be in long queue, if not it will be sold out.

And the last one I would like to share with you that is chicken hot pot with basil leaves, I am sorry cause the picture is not nice but the food is really delicious.

Chicken and basil leaves hotpot

That’s great, because there are a lot of chicken in hotpot and you could take a lot of basil leaves as you want. Chicken is soft, the stock is sweet of chicken including mushroom, and basil leaf is a kind of vegetable but only in Dalat. I remember that there are some restaurants in Hanoi where sell this food but not delicious as Dalat.

Actually, there are a lot of delicious foods in Dalat which bring the unique culture of this beautiful place. I can’t show all in this topic, and hope you will come Dalat once time for relaxing and trying all foods.

Thank you very much and see you next topic.

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