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Hoi An – an ancient beauty

At least, any foreigners visit Vietnam, who will come to Hoian once a while. So where is Hoian? and why does it attract travelers from over the world?

Hoian is a ancient commercial port with unique architectures for long time ago, where is near to Danang city about 30km, so it is very convenient to travel.

Hoian’s night

Hoi An is many ancient old streets, ancient houses of Japanese, Chinese people or other cultures, the reason is Hoi An is near to Thu Bon river which is commercial rivers of many countries when people still traded or imported/exported their products by boats.

Nowadays, people from other countries would like to import/export with ours that do businesses through big ports by ships, that’s why Hoi An is reminded as the past and also it becomes a famous place to go traveling by ancient gestures.

Hoi An is the most wonderful in the evening when all ancient houses turn on their lighted lanterns with colorfulness.

Especially, we could go along the river by boat and look at 2 sides of Hoi An, you will be interested in the lightening on the river cover.

On the other hands, Hoi An has a lot of delicious foods as Dap cake, Quang noodle, Chicken rice, fired mussels, Cao lau…which have a main point that is spicy. I only show you some pictures in this posting, enjoy it!

Dap cake with fried mussels
Quang noodle
Cao lau

Besides many ancient houses, ancients streets, there is An Bang Beach in Hoi An which seem one of the top beaches in my country with long white sandy, peaceful feeling. Cause the weather is almost hot and cool, so travelers could visit there anytime.

In summary, Hoi An is a place you should take traveling experiences when you visit my country, it is not modem, noisy as Hanoi or Hochiminh, it attracts you by simple beauty from cultures, places and human.

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