My breakfast with Cao Bang’s foods

Cao Bang is a Northern province with many fantastic places as Ban Gioc waterfall, Pac Po cave, Lenin stream.. Besides that, there are a lot of delicious food in this one.

Last weekend, I missed Cao Bang foods, but I can’t travel while Covid is striking widely in my country, then I found out a hole in the wall in my city where mainly cook those foods.

The first one, I would like to share you about the stuffed pancake

In Hanoi, stuffed pancake is also famous but it is different to Cao Bang’s which cover is thinner and the cake is bigger.

In which pancake, they roll minced pork with stuffed pancake cover which is made from a special rice. After that, they boil this one about 5 minute.

We could mention the stuffed pancake like spring roll but the cover is mismatched.

The sauce is made from rib pork and fish sauce by their own recipe including eggs and pork bologna unlike to others.

I like this kind of stuffed pancake ’cause the cover is so soft, and the fish sauce is not too salty which is maintained the sweet from rib pork.

The second one, it is grilled duck noodle

Woa, it is so yummy.

That bowl gets a lot of grilled duck meat, which are thick and stretchy, and highly-seasoned stock. Grilled duck meat is cooked evenly, duck skin is general golden, shiny, but not oily.

The noodle is chewy, not broken. Pho – stock is mild sweet with the attractive grilled duck meat taste.

A delicious bowl of pho can’t be completed without a spoon of chili, garlic, vinegar which make the food more and more appetizing. Especially, they have a pot of chili bamboo shots, just a little sour and just a little spicy when you eat with grilled duck meat noodle.

You know I could eat both of these above dishes once a while. So yummy!

For Cao Bang’s foods, there are many delicious dishes which I will introduce to you next post.

Let’s enjoy these ones first.

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