Let’s take a bus in Hanoi

Many people in Hanoi don’t like to use public transportation, cause it is inconvenient to move from this place to others., and also it’s waste of time to wait for a bus.

However, the truths are

Nowadays, we could do tracking the bus by an application on cell phone. We could check where the bus we want to take, and how long it reach your point, therefore we could minimize the waiting time.

On other hands, there are a lot of buses in Hanoi, it is only about 10 mins per trip. And the bus systems is including many buses, MRT, BRT from one road to others. It is very easy to move from one bus to others for our transportation.

The bus fare is so cheap, about VND 7,000-VND 8,000 per trip or we could buy a monthly ticket only VND 200,000 per month for working people or VND 100,000 per month for student.

Differently, when the weather is too hot, or too cold, you could avoid it by sitting on a bus with air conditioners. That is also the reason there is more and more people use buses as daily transportation.

You could see that is quite clean, right? and also the bus officers are nice and they could guide you if you want to go somewhere. Would you like taking a city tour by bus?

The final one, that is to save our environment when you use the public transportation. We reduce the quantity of cars and motor cycle in case, like you take part in decreasing air pollution.

Before I rode a motor cycle, however I discarded it and the bus is my daily transportation.

Let’s try it when you are in Hanoi. Thank you very much.

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