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Fried spring roll

Have you heard about fried spring roll in Vietnam?

Surely, fried spring roll is a signature dish of people in our North which has a unique favor by their creativeness.

Its main ingredients are crab, shrimp, pork, eggs, noodle mushrooms and some kinds of seasoning. After preparing full of ingredients, they mix all up to be swept along. Before frying, the important step is to roll the mixed ingredients by rice wraps which are depended on each ares having the different kind of rice wraps.

Finally, the result is below

Fried spring rolls

Besides, the special point is fish sauce which is dip in by fried spring rolls. The fish sauce is made of sugar, vinegar, garlic, chili, fish sauce and so on by their own recipe.

On the other hand, we could eat fried spring rolls with some kinds of vegetables such lecture, mint leaves, coriander.

Anyway, visit Hanoi and enjoy the original one. Trust me, you will like it.

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