Rung tram Tra Su – a forest on the river

The Southwest of Vietnam is unknown about charming river and cultural beauties inherited from thousands years ago.

I’d glad to visit the Southwest 2 years ago which is great nice memory in my life. The Southwest, where attracts tourists by natural scenery and human. For local people, they are so generous and hospitable, they tend to enjoy life more than people from the North.

By this post, I would like to introduce you “Rung Tram Tra Su” which is a flooded forest with wild nature, the science name of these trees is Acacia agriculturists which to protect people when storm comes.

Rung Tram Tra Su

The first impression when you visit there is surprised to the green color. In case, you row a boating along the river which has green trees at 2 sides, especially, a green color cover all the water. As matter of fact, it is so cool during rowing trip.

Can you guess how to get the greed road on the river? Actually, it is made of a lot of duckweed to create many shapes and cover full of river. Besides, sometimes you could see many birds flying on the green road while you are rowing.

Bird is flying


Visiting to Rung Tram Tra Su is like to join in the nature, live with plants, trees. Move over, the local people are also friendly, they will introduce you about their place more clearly and help you anything if needed.

Rung Tram Tra Su is a water forest which is also the signal beauty of Southwest in my country.

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