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Do you think about children’s story books?

It is argued that some people believed it is not good for children whereas they prefer to reading comic books than doing other valuable actions. As for my opinion, I completely disagree this idea and would like to expand more details.

To commend with, there are many story books following people’s childhood such as doraemon, detective Conan, or Diary of Wimpy kid and many more which give kids the happiness after studying. Reading stories has many benefits for children’s grown-up.

Firstly, they are promoted brain development and imagination through pictures even words in books, in additional develop their language, emotions and strengthen relationships, especially in the process of growing. For example, reading Doraemon, kids could learn from it. In that, they should study more hardly unlike Nobita who is a nice friend but always get bad mark in school.

Secondly, kids could be great tellers after reading who could image and express stories to encourage their memory that it helps them to develop early literacy skills that is also the reason to their academy frequently hold on the best teller stories.

Thirdly, young generations could learn foreign languages and understand the world culture as well as their very own traditions from reading short stories. By reading interesting stories, kids will have better chance to improve their learning abilities. For example, children can acquire knowledge from reading Wimpy Kids book. They become fluent in English through reading. It also let them explore other educational books.

Finally, children will focus on reading books and reduce the time playing games or watching TVs which is more useful for brain and eyes of kids.

Overall, besides joining other useful activities, reading story books is also a beneficial habit to enhance their growth as well.  

What about your opinion? And what is your favorite story book?


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