Less spare time or less money?

My leisure time

The demand of money is unlimited depends on the people’s lifestyle. Some people prefer to enjoy their life thus it is unnecessary to get too much money, but they have more spare time for their family and doing whatever they like than vice versa. As for my opinion, I partially agree to both of these points having the advantages and disadvantages.

To commend with, if having more money and less free time, people must spend a lot of time in their works. Besides, they don’t have enough spare time for their family or traveling surprisingly enjoying their life. Moreover, people only focus on their jobs then it is easy to be stressful even get some diseases due to less free time for exercises. However, the adaption of their hard work, could be beneficial for their family’s needs and other luxurious pastimes. Furthermore, they are like a hero to comfort their next generations even their relatives and people around them.

On the contrary, someone would like to enjoy their life, they want to have free time to play with their kids even talk their spouse or their parents, and so on. Even though, they could have more time to feeling the life such music, films, nature and many more. In fact, there are some businesses like investing stocks, real estate which don’t need much time to work, however they don’t know how to earn money, they will less money for their expenses. Nonetheless, they have a little money, the result is they can’t go traveling wherever they like, they can’t buy the beautiful clothes even updated model, their kids couldn’t go to the school where has a good education system.

To conclude, both money and time are essential thus depending on person’s preference including their style, money is more important than spare time or not which one also has both pros and cons. In my opinion, people should manage both in order to balance their needs.

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