The benefits of tourism to society

After almost countries access into the globalization, tourism has become a vital sector that impacts in the development of any nation’s economy, and it also bring many benefits to people. With this essay, I will discuss more detailed about this industry.

Phu Quoc Island

To begin with, people are interested in exploring beautiful places both domestic and abroad which is to enhance quality of life for travelers and locals. Moreover, traveling is the way of helping people to broaden of thinking if they wish to live in a certain place for a long time. Besides, travelers can be attributed to the educational value it provides to whoever wanted to gain experiences pick up the culture of other countries during their trips. Furthermore, tourism gives the opportunity of diversion which is good for lazing, from that people enliven and take back the highly productiveness in the workplace and in their daily activities.

Besides, many benefits of tourism are brought about society. Firstly, it provides many job opportunities for both locals and foreigners to support their basic needs. And tourism can help economy successfully by encouraging more tourists, that means more profits to the host. With that, this industry highly contributes their income to the growth of economy not mention to taxes, cash flows. Moreover, traveling supports other fields to develop consistently such as souvenir and many more which tourists brings home with them when they return home. Furthermore, once tourism reduce the quantity of travelers affects the increasing industries sometimes the entire of economy, for example, covid19 pandemic spreads around the world, the tourism revenues financial systems decreases gradually.

Overall, tourism is very important to both society and individuals which affect people’s lives and contribute to other field’s development consistently.

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