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Linh Ung Pagoda, a signal of Danang city

Being like a symbol of Danang, a middle city in Vietnam, Linh Ung pagoda is based on a top of mountain which is bounded by beach.

Actually, Linh Ung pagodas are also famed spiritual places, also a elegant scenery to all travelers . In view of the fact that below reasons:

On the one hand, Danang is a beach city, including many local scrumptious foods such as Quang noodle, fish noodles, seafood with acceptable prices. Therefore, Danang is a favorite leisure destination of many tourists, especially in every summer.

On the other hand, as I mentioned above, travelers could visit these pagodas to pray a lucky year, even raise their spirits up.

Linh Ung pagoda from far view

In my view, Danang seems a valuable living city such as peaceful circumstances, friendly local people, low living expenses and many more. In addition, Buddha on Linh Ung pagoda is like to protect local people to minimize the restrictions when storm seasons across, as well fishermen often get fully harvests.

Moreover, there are three Linh Ung pagodas randomly which create a triangle sacred place even that is a signal culture of this lovely city, also in whole country. In addition, visitors will be highly excited to the beautiful nature including greenery, a long beach on the round way to the pagoda.

In conclusion, Linh Ung pagodas are not only for religions but also for all people who love traveling and enjoying the national beauty. Besides, visiting pagodas, tourists will have been joyful moment to take adventure in our beach city.

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