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Don’t be scared stiff when got virus

I’m deeply careful to protect myself with Coronavirus, always wear face mask, clean my hands and avoid joining crowded places. Though, in the situation, my country re-opened like new era which living with virus, therefore where and when I got virus.

Don’t be too frightened when virus comes to you, anything can be happened without notify.

Here, I would like to share some tips if you got virus like me.

My own symptoms: fever 37-37.5, stuffy, achy body (like after getting vaccinated)

At first, we should keep some below things at home because we could supply nutrients every single day, and others can’t be ruined following the time.

Medical equipment (be ready): SPO2 (to check the oxygen rate in your blood), the thermometer.

Medicine (be ready): paracetamol (to get the fever), multi – Vitamin medicated oil

Some stuffs to be sauna: ginger, garlic, lemongrass, lemonade

Fruits: grapefruit, guava, orange, any fruits you like

Foods: carrot, potatoes, cabbage turnip, pork, beef, chicken…


After the breakfast, I do sauna by garlic and medicated oil for my nose (about 10 minutes).

After my dinner, I do steam-bath by ginger, lemongrass, lemonade, sometimes I also use some perilla which affect to reduce our pimple. (about 30 minutes)

Certainly, I check the fever twice a day to maintain the safe temperature, if in case it is too high, I take a medicine. In addition, I take some vitamin tablets in the morning (you could get Vitamin effervescent tablet)

For daily meals, I still have enough 3 meals per day including fully nutrients, moreover eating fruits to supply more vitamins.

The most important thing I conserve that is do yoga and meditate for habitually breath about 1 hour per day which is extremely useful when you got virus. that is extremely vital, to discard virus out of our lung.

Surely, our optimistic spirit is absolutely crucial like drawing, listening music, watching films, whatever you love.

Furthermore, we should keep warm for our body, such as dry your hair after washing, wear socks…

Especially, we should have some kit tests to check our condition during recovery. Our condition becomes better and better, and recovery after around 7 days – 10 days.

However, when you got virus, you should inform Medical Center to get their guideline also their supporting if needed. Of course, they will record your case on the tracking then after recovery, we will receive a certificate which is helpful at least 6 months.

Overall, above is my tips which you could refer and apply for your case if being suitable. But, as my opinion, it is better if you could avoid getting virus.

Hope you are doing well always.

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