Can cake in Dalat

It seems almost tourists over the world also know about Dalat which is a magnificent scenery in Vietnam, was discovered by Alexandre Yersin, a French doctor in 1893. Honestly, Dalat brings us a balanced feeling after rush working day by natural beauty including fresh foods.

By this essay, may I recommend a traditional dish in this place which is Căn cake.

Căn cake is a popular breakfast in Dalat, thus it is so easy to find out căn cake at any local cuisine. There are a lot of kind topping of this cake such as beef, bird eggs, seafood which are also acceptable price about VND 25,000.

how to cook Căn cake

Furthermore, Căn cake is made from rice powder, cold rice, eggs, specially local people have cake pans by terra-cotta afterwards using charcoals gets the highest temperature to cook cake. Consequently, we could order the topping you prefer, however you should try all kinds of topping because which one has a unique taste.

Moreover, the fish sauce is so special including Vietnamese meatballs, spring onion, then you could add more chilli and sour bamboo shoots which mixed up to create a scrumptious sense of this cake only.

On that occasion, we dip the cake into the fish sauce for consolidate tasting like as slight sweetness of cake cover and topping (eggs, beef or others), sourness of bamboo shoots, spiciness of chilli, and many more, exceptionally it is more mouthwatering in cold atmosphere in this chilax place.

A Căn cake set

Surely, if you have a chance to visit Dalat, Căn cake is a must-try food which I would like to endorse.

Hope you enjoy all traditional foods at this location!.

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