Quang frog noodle in Da Nang

Honestly, Quang frog noodle is one of the most popular foods to everyone who live in Da Nang even tourists. People always say that “if you don’t eat Quang frog noodle, that means you haven’t visit Da nang yet”.

Indeed, there are some kinds of Quang noodle such as shrimp, chicken, beef, especially frog which taste an extremely strange sense to others. However, my advice is that you should look for a local restaurant, don’t follow the traveling instruction, because the taste is totally different, not like as the uniqueness.

Quang frog noodle

Why do they call Quang noodles?, Originally, this kind of noodle is from Quang Nam, ancient Da Nang, which is interfered between the culture of both Vietnamese and Chinese from ancestors.

What are the special differences of frog noodles to others?

Actually, Quang frog noodles are cooked from copper frogs which meat are firm and braised with lemongrass, compressed turmeric to infiltrate all fragrant and spices into each fiber of the frog’s meat. Here, the noodle is also unalike to Pho Hanoi or any kinds of noodle in other places which are softer, thicker and bigger. The processing is very elaborate, thus it is not surprised to be a signature dish of Da Nang.

Quang frog noodles are served with peanuts, vegetables and rice paper which are mixed together then creating the unforgettable sense.

All people who eat Quang frog noodle must leave compliments because of the favor of this dish. This food is mentioned it is rural but absolutely scrumptious to make you fall in love at the first sight.

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