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Cu Lao Cau – a new heaven in the Southern

Indeed, Cu Lao Cau is a strange name for almost tourists unlike Cu Lao Cham either Cu Lao Xanh. Nevertheless, Cu Lao Cau is that seems a new discovery with a long beach and blue water, especially everything is untouched therefore it brings itself originally the wild beauty.

a corner at Cu Lao Cau

Cu Lao Cau is the best choice when summer comes, it is also long time no traveling. In fact, in which is not crowded or we can say it is a quite place because it is not too much services, only some local restaurants. As my opinion, it is a better way to enjoy the chillax moment during current Covid19 period.

Moreover, we could go camping by a group on this island overnight to see both of sunrise and sunset, at the same time enjoying the cool wind to avoid the tired working hours. Simultaneously, the eyes look at far distance seeing some fish boats even the boat pick travelers up from the land to this destination.

Furthermore, the sand is clear and white, principally soft thus we could take off the scandals, shoes to walk along the beach. Certainly, the water is so clean and blue, it is amazing to go swimming and driving.

Once more, there are a lot of spinach jelly then eating this kind of food is must.

Consequently, Cu Lao Cau is a new adventure for anyone with untouched beauty, should be discovered.

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