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It’s time to say hello Nha Trang beach

When summer comes that is time for every people to visit a beach. There is no surprised if someone choose Nha Trang which is an elegant beach in our Middle.

To commend with, Nha Trang is a coastal city which seems a valuable pearl in East Sea for nature, beauty even climate. People also love traveling Nha Trang due to enjoying fresh sea air, blue water and clean sands.

Nha Trang bay

Besides not only swimming on the beach, there are some local tours to visit other islands in Nha Trang bay such as Binh Ba island tour, Diep Son tour or four islands tour and many more.

On the top of that, while visiting islands you should dive to watch corals. Surely that is amazing with colorful and multi kinds of corals even many fishes are swimming and escaping among corals. Remember that we should take pictures to save these great memories.

Binh Ba island

Moreover, you could pick your children up Vinwonders which is chain of All in One, there are many water games for kids even adults. By the way, this is a new place to attract more and more travelers who enjoy traveling this beautiful city.

fish port

Especially, Nha Trang is a central to go around other traveling locations. Many tourists rent bikes or cars to visit fish port, Binh Hung island or Van Phong bay which is 82 km from city, even the grapefruit farm on the road to Ninh Thuan, and many more closely beautiful places you could go from Nha Trang.

Grapefruit farm

Consequently, the most wonderful thing in Nha Trang is a long beach, tourists walk along the soft and clear sand even though seeing the sunset even sunrise and drinking freeze coconuts.

Sunrise at Nha Trang beach

Surely, sea foods is the most popular foods in Nha Trang, besides that many other foods such as fish noodle, grill pork roll, jellyfishes noodle, fried squid with tamarind sauce.

At this moment, it likes back to normal life with commercial flights from foreign countries to mine, thus don’t blow it to greet summer season with Nha Trang city.

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