Moc Chau – Fairy Waterfall

To begin with, Fairy Waterfall is a new destination of my trip last week which is belong to Moc Chau, Son La. Surely, this waterfall is totally natural, that has not touched by human yet, thus the coming way is quite hard with high mountain passes. However, you will be never doubted when seeing the scenery here.

On the way to the Waterfall

Why did people call this waterfall “Fairy”?, Due to their marvelous beauty, you will discover as below

Overall, it is including 3 parts, which part has the own look.

The first stage

At first, crossing over the small road we hear the soft sound from water falling, even flow via big and tiny rocks, also we feel the temperature go down so cooling. At the same time, many people are playing with freeze water which are cover both sides by trees and mountains.

The second stage

Continuously, we hike on the higher location following the direction, the 2nd stage of Fairy Waterfall appears in front of our eyes. Unluckily, I went to this one on the day when it had not too full of water, though it was not so wonderful. If not, the water fall down from the top like white clouds to brings tiny bubbles and freeze weather. However, that is still a magnificent waterfall I have seen because the combination of spectacular long – life trees even rocks and mountain cover around it.

The 3rd stage

Finally, the 3rd stage is higher destination and it is the biggest stage. The water fall from the top rocks to create a splendid scenery. Certainly, that’s amazing to behind it and the water line seem long hair of a gorgeous woman. Now, you see why local people name it “Fairy Waterfall” because of their beauty.

Surely, you will have never regret to visit Fairy Waterfall!

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