Moc Chau – Ban On (Monkey Sun) Five caves

Hereby, I would like to guide you a group of Ban On cave which including five magnificent and untouched caves on the mountains in Moc Chau.

Firstly, it is impressive by the way to caves which is only a so small and hard road to be enough for a motorbike, also which goes around mountain. Even though, we must cross over many rock steps to access into all caves. Nevertheless, the scenery is spectacular, many trees including orange trees, corns, even plump trees and many more, that means we could see the entire of mountain when you come here. Especially, at the flower season (such as plum, peach), even ripe fruit season (like orange, plum), there are covered a color of flowers and nice smell of fruits.

a scenery on the road

Secondly, the middle of mountain is a small house like the film “Little house” for people take a rest while hiking to Five caves. Besides, you will see many long-life plants along the way, simultaneously hear sounds from birds and leaves like a concert. (though you could view my video uploaded). Here I show you some photos to prove the beauty of nature on the way like cave of Monkey Sun.

The whole view

Thirdly, there are five caves in this system which are raw that means not yet untouched by human, currently only some local people take care of them. Moreover, their name are called by five elements, Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal.

And now, we discovery one of five caves, it is Earth. Its distance to access the entire of cave is 300m. Naturally, all of shapes in cave are created by water and time to erode rock and soil. That we could image to many shapes such as turtles, a mother bring her newborn, the Earth of God, and many more. Surely, each cave has separately adventures.

The way to access into cave
One of the view in cave

Currently, these caves are unknown by many people including local and foreigners where is a favorite discovery like new destination. That is good to enhance tourism in Moc Chau besides other amazing places.

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