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Moc Chau – ripe plum season

Every May, many people are eager to visit Moc Chau because of ripe plum season.

As I mentioned last post, the plum flower season is from Jan to Feb, on closing Tet holiday, after that plum fruits are raised up step by step until May, exactly at the end of May which is also the busy time of farmers to harvest fruits.

a closely ripe plum

Two week ago, I came to Moc Chau and discover this event, nevertheless it is too early, thus plum have not been totally ripe yet. Nevertheless, local people pick plum fruits which are closely ripe to sell. At this time, I came into a H’Mong family (that is an ethnic minority in our country), who own about 4ha garden to grow plum plants in Ban Phach Valley, they are busy to harvest and bring to the local market even buyers get into their garden directly. Though, they earn around 1-2 hundredweight per plant each season.

H’mong man picks ripe plum

Furthermore, Son La province also hold on some special events to enhance tourism such as plum festival at the end of May when tourists come to Moc Chau and enjoy ripe plum seasons. In addition, there are some famous valleys to view and pick this fruit as Na Ka Valley, Mu Nau Valley even Ban Phach and so on, which valley has their own scenery.

a plum branch

Besides, there are some activities and constructions to attract travelers like the longest glass bridge which just inaugurated in May. Especially, this place has its own wonderful beauty per season, plum flowers in Jan, wild sunflowers in Oct, and many more.

In the near future, I believe that Moc Chau is an highly attractive destination of both local and foreign tourists for the whole year.

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