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My heart goes out to The Philippines

Although, I stayed in The Philippines only three months with my hectic studying schedule, however there are several remarkable observations about human traditions that I could concede.

To begin with, everyone over the world knows The Philippines is a marvelous country includes the myriad of spectacular islands such as Boracay, El Nido, Bantaya and many more which all of us should visit once in our life. Besides, by having a heart to heart talk, Filipino people have a big heart without a shadow of doubt. They are extremely friendly to greet us at anywhere, at any circumstances. For instance, once a time I went took a bus to commute from my academy to IT Park which is a mall center in Cebu, the bus driver guided me the detail bus stop I should drop off and show me the way how to pick up the bus to go back the first stop that I appreciated him so much.

EV- my academy

Furthermore, it seems almost all Filipino people know singing and dancing, thus they are always optimistic whether there are many difficulties in their lives, especially Zomba is the most popular in The Philippines. In my academy, there are two Zomba classes per week and my teachers were eager to join dancing with us, for example. Particularly, in special occasions all family members gather into cooking and talking together, after that they sing and dance to relish the festival atmosphere. My friend, for instance, has a chance to participate the Lechon holiday of local people which every house celebrates to grill a pig being Lechon which is a unique dish in The Philippines then they devour together.


Once thing I would like to share that is their environmental protection that is to use paper bags everywhere, they do not use plastic ones. In my observation when I went to the Mall, almost all people brought their own bags to pick up somethings, or cashiers would give buyers paper bags and charged money of it. That’s a environmentally – friendly measure to prevent pollution effectively not only in The Philippines but also over the world. In terms of shopping, I admire their patience to queue up for payment in every Malls, there is always long line at every weekend to wait for settlement in frond of cash counter that stands for Filipino like shopping in the Malls more than other local places.

In Ayala Mall

Besides, there are the myriad of scrumptious foods in The Philippines which I have not tasted all yet such as Lechon, Chicken Mang Inasal, Sisig, specially Jollibee in everywhere. To be honest, their foods suit me, I hope I will have a chance to go back and explore more about their culture and their foods.

one of my local meals

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