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Ha Giang – A spectacular mountain which cheer you up

Every October, there are the myriad of tourists to visit Ha Giang because of rice terraces, various kinds of flowers such as buckwheat flowers, chipau flowers and many more.

Unfortunately, This time there is no chance for me to go traveling this marvelous place thus I recalled all my memories which I visited there a few years ago in March.

on the way to Dong Van

Setting aside there are many unforgettable places when people mention about Ha Giang such as Nho Que river, rice terraces in Hoang Su Phi, Pao House, Cat King Palace and many more. Surely, all these places bring up the joyful emotions to anyone visiting this province.

Nho Que River

In terms of Nho Que river, this is one of the most astounding rivers in Ha Giang which looking down is like a green shimmering from sky and hidden in the amongst both sides of mountains and forests. The location at the bottom of Ha Giang’s craggy cat-ears mountains, Nho Que river flows between the cliffs peacefully to create a blue boundary among Ma Pi Leng mountain pass and Sam Pun road.

Literally, riding motorcycle is the best transport to contemplate the grandiose beauty on the Ha Giang roads that make you love at first sight. Besides a sight of stunning landscapes of terraces, daily activities of local people are my lovely endearments which appeal me being eager to stop by.

Apparently, it can be seen that several generations in a tribe family are tickled pink to do gardening and sing a song together including in the late afternoon that draws such a tranquil painting about their uncluttered living. Conversely, seeing a woman who is burning straw on the mountain after a cheerful harvesting season which help us to acknowledge far more about their lives.

Burning straw

A tribe house

Finally, visiting a tribe house even exploring their daily lives are to assist us more understanding about their honest and industrious personalities of local people including many children who are delightful and charming playing together. Wish having more and more time to discover picturesque scenery, culture and human in this province.

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  1. What a beautiful scene!❤️💚 I really love the view.🥰 I hope I can visit these places someday!🙏😁 Write more about your experiences from different places.🙂

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