The stunning view from the second highest roof-top in Hanoi

There are several photos I took the overview of Hanoi from Lotter Center which is the second highest building in our city. The day I went to this building was quite humid thus the photo are not really astounding. Honesty, the outside sightseeing is definitely different.

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Fried fishes (Chả cá)- “must try” food in Hanoi

Indeed, if you ask Mr. Google about Hanoi, surely he shows you the one of signature foods which is fried fishes or Chả cá Lã Vọng.

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The temple of literature , Văn Miếu Quốc Tử Giám

Văn Miếu is a signal of educational system in Vietnam where was from the ancient time, also it is our first national university. As our ancestors save the memory, the temple was built in 1070, at the time of Emperor Lý Thánh Tông.

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This is the first line metro in Hanoi even Vietnam which officially opened services on 6th November 2021. It is to unlock a ceremony for Hanoi to solve the increasing population yearly, then reduce the traffic jam every single day.

Actually, we are in construction for a metro system around Hanoi, though it takes a long time to complete, and this line is a part of that which is only 12 stations from Cat Linh to Yen Nghia.

Anyway, this line is extremely helpful to public transportation, even all citizens warmly greet. Moreover, people could save time to go to their offices especially in rush hours, though the ticket fare is absolutely affordable, only VND 8,000 per trip or VND 30,000 per day for all trips or VND 200,000 per month.

Furthermore, metro is a safe and convenient transportation for everybody, even reduce accidents on the road.

In addition, taking metro is a way to protect environment, in case Hanoi is a populated city in the world including too much dirty nano dusk which effect the health directly. Reducing private transports is to avoid smug even traffic jams in rush hour.

What’s more, when the transport system are enhanced simultaneously to affect the economy, especially tourism also attract more and more travelers over the world. From that, the position of Vietnam also is potentially magnified to other countries.

In conclusion, we are proud of this first line metro to open a new era in Hanoi even the whole country.

Traffic jam whenever it is rainy in Hanoi

Traffic jam

Hanoi, when rainy comes, all streets are traffic jam at the rush hour. As your seeing my shot here, each person, each group rides motorcycles, rides cars to follow each other. I must take 2 hours from my office to my apartment though only 10 km, that’s a frequent issue whenever it is rainy.

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