The temple of literature , Văn Miếu Quốc Tử Giám

Văn Miếu is a signal of educational system in Vietnam where was from the ancient time, also it is our first national university. As our ancestors save the memory, the temple was built in 1070, at the time of Emperor Lý Thánh Tông.

In the past, Văn Miếu is where students gathered into for studying and taking exams to be promoted the dignitary in royal system to lead a district. Currently, students visit this temple whenever they feel tired of their learning even they would like to pray for lucky happen during their exams.

Moreover, nowadays the temple becomes a famous destination like an unique of Hanoi even Vietnam. Then many tourists from the entire of our country even from over the world visit the temple when they travel Hanoi.

Woman who wears ao dai visit the temple

Actually, as for young generations like us, we always visit the temple with the respectfulness to ancestors. In special occasions such as Tet holiday, before taking a important exam, we come to Văn Miếu, and pray us for a good result.

About the temple layout, there are five courtyards which has a different signal by the talented hands of ancestors. To begin with the first courtyard, it is 3 gates including main one which is Great Portico and there are 2 small gates at 2 sides.

The second courtyard is known as a great central courtyard which is built on four white- washed stone stilts. At the top is a red-colored with two circle windows and an elaborate roof.

Step by step, we access into the third to the last one, which gate is a new discovery with other fabulous architectures and different magnificent vignettes.

Stone turtles in Văn Miếu

Especially, there are many stone turtles that the signal of the top student in each ancient exam. As my experience, when I was in high school, I went to this temple then touch the head of these turtles to get the luckiness before my vital examinations.

Nowadays, the temple is always memorized the crucial imagination in every generations although the life style has changed day-to-day. Each occasion, a lot of people come and visit, though parents pick their children up to guide and share about our history, that’s valuable for our current generation.

Hereby, I would like to upload and introduce all of you some photos of women wear Aodai which is our traditional custom visit Văn Miếu, this is absolute wonderful image in my country.

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