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Food-tour in Haiphong city

Hai Phong is a famous city with phoenix flowers along 2 sides on almost streets, and especially, that place has a lot of scrumptious foods. Also due to loving foods, I booked a bus to visit Haiphong city for 2 days with a long list of street foods. That’s awesome, I loved it.

And, now I would like to share some famous foods of phoenix city and hope you could come and enjoy them.

Crab fried roll

This first food “must try” when you come to Haiphong is crab fried spring roll which is as an unique food of Vietnam. you can discover this one on many international magazines. These rolls are made with the main ingredients those are mince, crabs, shrimps to be combined together to a fusion shape with nice sense then they are scrolled by rice papers and fried. And perhaps, the way they pack crab roll also special of own people in Hanoi. The fried roll of other places is long and rectangle, however the roll in Haiphong is square, by the way the alternative name is square crab roll.

The rolls are fried by full of cooking oil until getting yellow and crisp cover. It is definitely appealing to us.

The crab fried roll are yummy at almost restaurants in Haiphong, we felt crunchy rice papers in your mouthful with the ambrosial tasting of the mixture crabs and other ingredients.

This food is dipped in fish sauces including lemon, fish sauce, sugar, garlic, chili with the local recipe which is highlighted by sour, sweet, spicy, garlicky, salty taste of fish sauce it is absolute as a great fusion. That’s out of this world!

When I see the dish of crab fried roll, I focused on it only with huge appetite.

This one in Haiphong gets the different special favor to other places, cause the recipe of all ingredients of local people which shows the food style very quirky of Haiphong local people up-to now.

crab noodles

Crab noodle is considered as the breathe of this port city, which is the priority food when I came to Haiphong. I was introduced by my friend to try enjoying this food at an ancient restaurant. That’s really interesting with the smelling from fried onions to mix other ingredients.

Pot stock has a balsamic tasty from field crabs to mash and filter the crab water, and after that mixture with tomatoes, fried onions to create a attractive flavor to eaters.

The noodles are made from rices which selected carefully and they are like red and brown colors, by unique producing way the noodles are thin, soft, chewy, crisp and rich savor.

Especially, there are some betel leaf wrapped pork balls in which has minced pork, dried mushroom to blend together, then they are fried until the outstanding smelling. These ones also reinforce to the delicious noodle.

Besides that, the remaining ingredients are shrimp, vegetables, pork rib, fish ball to create a awesome tasty of this food.

Don’t forget giving a little chili sauce that will make you feeling a bit spicy and your foods will be more appetite.

That’s why, certainly we must try crab noodles when we are in Haiphong, it rewards the most famous foods of this place.

Jellyfish salad

Whoa, how is appetizing, when I saw the true jellyfish salad, especially the weather was hot and I only took a piece to my mouth, that was a cool feeling.

Tasting jellyfish salad gave me a interesting flavor cause jellyfish are crisp, light sweet with the smelling mixture of relishes such as peanut, mango, carrot…, a bit sugary, a bit fruity, and a tasting of sea foods, mix together to create a definitely awesome flavor.

Jellyfish is a kind of marine animal which has many nutrients including protein, minerals, in special, it brings us to be cooler feeling in hot weather. Absolutely, this food is so delectable.

Stone crab

Haiphong is outstanding with all kinds of seafood, moreover stone crab is not at any place. This is one kind relative of crab, however it is smaller and just eat its claws.

Stone crab is not the same to crab, although not as sweet and a bit drier, but it is flavor of sea, we can eat a lot without getting bored. And stone crab’s legs are big which are eaten too mouthwatering.

The sauce mixes with stone crab, made by tamarind and a little sugar, so it is a bit sour and sweet to cover the claws. Before I used the pliers to break the claws, I sponged the crab sauce, sour and sweet, so great!!! Yummy yummy.

Coconut sweet gruel

Coconut sweet gruel just has been famous lately year, its original is from Haiphong, therefore I would like to try this one at the original place.

Coconut sweet gruel is like the “combination” of coconut with the main ingredients made from coconut as shredded coconut, coconut jelly, pearls. Indeed, it is a cup of full coconut. Thus, it is possible to explain the reason this dish is fast popular in our country, cause almost people like eating coconut, and also wherever in our country has a huge of coconut trees.

In summer, the weather was so hot, after a long time I walked on the street, I stopped a restaurant and got a cup of coconut gruel which was perfect solution for refreshing.

The shredded coconut is crunchy, jelly one is chill, the coconut milk is made by unique recipe milk and coconut to create a greasy flavor, the aroma of coconut.

This kind of food spreads to other provinces and cities in our country and be named Haiphong coconut gruel.

Camomile tea

One more enjoyable food in Haiphong I would like to explore is camomile tea that has a small street specialize in this one along camomile tea shops. This tea is made from camomile with yellow buttons which has been preliminarily processed, cleaned, then dried by and vacuum packed to prevent mold.

This kind of tea is different and stranger with other teas that one is including tea, kumquat, licorice to jolt with sugar.

I prefer the hot tea, which has a special flavor and tasty, a bit bitter, sugar of camomile flowers. On the other hand, the cold tea is also nice, it makes the body cooler in hot weather, also our fondness with camomile is a foreground of Haiphong.

spicy bread

Spicy bread is one of the traditional foods in Haiphong, not only local people but also people in others love this bread. It is not picky, neither luxurious nor expensive, spice bread conquers people by its rustic taste and affordable price. And so, the name “Haiphong spicy bread” has gone to many places across over the country.

This bread is only small as 2 fingers only and full of pate are among of cake, and also local people have a specific chili sauce which show up the deliciousness of this one. These ones were grilled up to be crumbly in mouth.

It is different from normal kind, the bread stick must be dipped a typical chili sauce which is homemade, thinner than almost others but the pungent flavor is much clearer, blending between bread and pate flavors are very suitable.

OMG, I can eat 5 pieces once time, after that I ordered a cup of sweet gruel, and full of my stomach.

Do Son in sunset

After eating day, I went to Doson beach and viewed sunset. The wind and sea smelling are mixed together, make me getting a leisure time.

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