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Ninh Binh – where mountain and river touch each other

Ninh Binh is endowed with many places of particular interest which have been well-known inside and outside Vietnam such as Tam Coc – Bich Dong, Cuc Phuong National Park, Trang An Grottoes, Mua Cave. Ninh Binh attracts tourist especially foreigners by the natural sightseeing.

Going around some fields and enjoyed breathing the scent of ripe rices, which made us to turn back the childhood. How’s comfortable is this!

There are like as cushions, yellow, wide, soft with the smelling of ripe rices which make us peacefully, relaxing, meaningfully we join forces to natural environment.

Even though, it was so hot and sunny, nevertheless we sensed the coolness of the windy from all the fields.

Moreover, many mountains cover around almost rice fields as fortify the rice plants before raining, windy, storm…

We rent bicycles to visit the entire of Ninh Binh, don’t worry if you’re not the fittest, the whole area is entirely flat, meaning it is an easy cycle anywhere you go.

Plump juices

After a cycling time, we stopped a farm where has many kinds of fruit, plumps, bananas, rose apples. They also has a many trees with a fish pond in which many fishes are swimming, it creates a joyful painting.

Local people are so friendly, they invited us some fruits and juices, certainly they are free of charge.

One of the beautiful places must be in Ninh binh is “Tam Coc – Bich Dong”

Actually, Tam Coc means three grottoes, once upon a time this place was full up with flapping sea waves, passing many centuries the waves eroded into the cliffs created different shapes of mountains and caves.

Tam Coc has the different beauty of each season. In the spring from Jan to Apr, this time will be preferred to the comfortable weather and fresh air.

From May to July, when all rice fields are in harvest season, the beauty of this one looks like a young lady’s long, soft, bright, and yellow hair. The other is the harvest time of wet rice ranging from September to October.

By the boat, we went through 3 caves with different shapes (Tam Coc – Bich Dong means 3 caves), we could enjoy seeing fields on either side of the river. Barely we saw some lotus which color are pink or purple among yellow rices, so interesting. We also can touch the plants on the river, and play with cool water happily.

Additionally, we discovered some birds flying by groups, and a bird likes a leader to guide others the way on the sky.

That’s awesome!

Stair up to mountain view

Particularly, coming Ninh Binh is similar to join in a natural landscape with adventure locations and fresh air.

This time, I would like to introduce 2 places among many attractive others only. In conclusion, Ninh Binh is a province both of local people and foreigners should explore in the near future.

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