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Vanphuc silk village

There are a lot of ancient handmade village in our country, in which we have Vanphuc silk village where is the famous silk village of Hanoi to contemplate the genuine traditional silk-making industry.

The way to enter the village

The ancient gate of village

Although, Vanphuc silk village has developed from a long time ago, it still has kept the unique beauty as before.

Actually, there has not too many families to maintain producing handmade silks, I only discovered some of them however the producing is change to use machine not by hand as before. As my opinion, it is better for people to make by hand, it also need to follow the technical development nowadays.

In 1931, At the first time, this silk village was introduced to the international market at the Marseille fair, and was considered by French people as the most sophisticated product in Union indochinoise. In 1958, Vanphuc silk village exported to Eastern European countries and so far it has been favored in many countries over the world.

Nevertheless, silks of Vanphuc still have a specific different to others that is by its features, by its textures. People here produce silks from the drag-line of bees, and the textures are made on the cloths directly based on the drawing paper. Therefore, all textures are simple nor sophisticated such as roses, leaves,

The processing of manufacture

After weaving, people use natural color dyes to cover colors to textiles.

finished products after making color dyes

The different point of Vanphuc silks is the texture which made in processing to produce, others are printed after textile processing, cause that, the texture of Vanphuc silks will exist last forever.

However, we should have more encourage policies to develop this kind of silk and introduce to foreigners widely.

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