Mu Cang Chai – a destination of nature

Mu Cang Chai

Covid-19 is spreading the fourth in my country, it is the time to stay at home and I look back the past about Mu Cang Chai which is a West North with many terraces and mountains go around.

The road from Hanoi city to Mu Cang Chai is not too hard about 300km forward to West, which is famous of conversational and spectacular sightseeing.

I would like to recommend you visiting Mu Cang Chai in April or September. Because:

In April there is waterfall season means farmers take water from rivers or from waterfall to their farm. What a pity, I don’t have any photos to share with you, anyway trust me, it is absolutely fantastic when you see all terraces with lines of water.

In September, it is ripe season, every terraces are covered by yellow color with ripe rice scent is only delicate but attractive. Especially, those terraces are besides rivers which creates a gesture paint as you see below.

For people who would like to discover, they will pack and go trekking through many mountains to sense the perfume of nature. And they visit some villages to explore the culture of ethnic minority in Mu Cang Chai.

On the road, you will meet many children who are playing game together actively. You could give them some candies and talk with them.

Besides, you could enjoy many traditional dishes as Tu Le sticky rice, pigs, chickens which are fed on the mountains.

In summary, I hope you come this place once a while to discover a part of my country, I am sure that you will like this one as joining with our nature and culture of people there.

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