Ly Son, a mystery of nature

I had a chance to visit Ly Son the first time for 5 years ago, I was extremely attractive by natural beauty, human, foods at there.

Our trip must be flied from Hanoi to Chu Lai Airport, after that we took a vessel from mainland to Ly Son island about 1 hour.

Ly Son island is including a main island and a smaller island which is called “Be” island.

Main island isn’t too big, we only need to hire a bicycle to ride around this one, we could go around the road along the beach or could check in To Vo gate which one is very famous for people taking photos. What’s a pity, I didn’t save any photos at this place to show you.

Ly Son Island

That’s amazing, the beach water in front of our yeas is as in a heaven, fresh, blue water and is attaching with salty sense, also we could see at the bottom of beach, stones, corals, and sometimes we figured out some fishes.

There are a lot of stones which are gifts from nature through a few hundreds years ago, nowadays these stones create a fantastic paint beside the wonderful beach.

A place where you must visit is “Cau” Cave

Corrosion and penetration from wind and sea water have carved a magnificent “Cau”cave at the Thoi Loi mountain. The stone slabs seem being intentionally placed on the surface of Cau cave by an ingenious sculptor of nature. When you come here, don’t forget to swim and look at the coral, cause absolutely amazing.

Cau Cave

You should climb on the lighthouse at Ly son to view the entire of island.

Ly Son island is a present from heaven, you could take photos at any corner which also is beautiful.

Friends, don’t forget scrumptious foods in Ly Son

I like the seaweed salad and fried garlic vegetables best.

Seaweed salad
Fried garlic vegetables

All these vegetables have the taste of sea, fresh, sweeten, a little spicy, and also the way they cook is different to others.

And as you know, Ly Son is hometown of garlic, so you could see garlic everywhere, the local people use garlic as vegetables and they have a lot of meal from garlic that is signature of this place.

Beside these vegetables, you should try sea foods, especially we had a barbecue in Be island with many sea foods as shrimps, squids, King crabs, echinus…

King crab

However, Ly Son is a military island in my country, so at this moment our Government still not yet allow foreigners to visit here, I hope if you have any opportunity, you should go and enjoy the atmosphere in our islands.

Thank you very much for your reading.

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