How to keep a cold head through Covid19 time

Surely, all of us have changed our life due to Corona virus from Mar’19 until now, and I am not exceptional.

In Feb’19, I decided to quit my job and went to The Philippines for studying English which was a huge decision while I was getting a dream job. And Corona virus started appearing to some countries. Apparently, both of me and you didn’t think it is a serious problem up to this day.

After living 2 weeks in that country, I must return Vietnam and start a new life.

Actually, I also want to look for another job, but you know, almost companies have gotten the difficulty business at this time. We could see the word “bankrupted” or “wind-up” everywhere and many people are unemployed as me. I knew that we only could back the real life until Covid’19 ended.

However, until now I’m still alive and kicking so I would like to share with you some ways to raise me up in the Covid19 term.

For starter, we should face music

As you know, we can’t hide the reality when we are informed Covid19 news every single day even every single hour. In additional, we’ve also updated the positive cases in our own country. By the way, our country, Vietnam still control the pandemic as well however we still take care of ourselves cause we cant forecast which day the Covid19 comeback to us.

And we must work and earn money to alive and kicking, if not we run out of money and will be died due to hungriness. If you can’t look for a job, you also must find out other ways to live.

The second, discover ourselves in different roles

The beginning days of pandemic, when our Government didn’t have experience to control virus, surely every people also have a free time to be social quarantine, then how should we do at that time?

As for me, I’ve studying English cause I would like to beef up my skills which are good for me in the future. After Covid19 ended, I will get a better opportunity to work in foreign companies or go aboard.

On the other hand, I’ve studied designing, fashion, marketing and I recognize myself to be suitable this subject in case I am a finance officer not a designer. Then I get a local brand off the ground, at first I could serve for myself and then I could study how to start a business. As my opinion, we should find out the chance first then it will come.

During this time, we still maintain doing exercises cause you should have a good health to fight corona virus. As for me, I enjoy doing yoga every day, and have good meals per day.

It’s time to explore ourselves after a busy time we didn’t have time for ours

The third, we could maintain the current job or look for a online one

As I mentioned above, I quited job before Covid19 spread, and it was so difficult to look for a new job. Then I’ve done a own business in fashion industry, just a start up and I’ve processed it as a online shop. Honesty, this time is technology generation, so it is necessary to update it.

Everything is impossible unless you want or not. I always come up with a winner although my business is not good and it is also my hard time like you.

The last one, I would like to say with you by all my experiences we should keep the optimistic mind and take care of our heath.

Thank you for your reading my experiences.

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