Phong Nam ancient village, a restful simple and rustic hamlet

Among the rush view, Da nang has an antique village which still remain ancient beauty but enhance the living standard to local people, that is Phong Nam village which is about 10km from center.

pasture at Phong Nam village

Thereby, a lot of buildings have been maintained fully ancient architecture from the village greeting gate which was built securely enclosed a memorable yellow, and besides that is a primeval banyan tree. Inside this, many ancient houses, churches, family chapels… are prolonged, moreover tourists could visit the fame Hen craft village at Dong Hoa water park.

Furthermore, coming along the village, we could see many bamboo trees both sides of the streets, by and by there are cows and buffaloes are eating grasses on the rice fields. Surely, you will feel peacefully at this atmosphere.

a rural street

Nam Phong village is one of the attractive destinations of tourists because that brings us not only rural, tranquil scenery but both of familiar and curious experiences. This one is about to 100 years old, nevertheless local people even preserve the traditional culture and many antique buildings.

ancient house

In case, you would like to figure out the peaceful and historical time, let’s visit Phong Nam village which is a satisfy location in your discovering in Da Nang. This village will greet by a rustic and restful circumstance of all rice pastures and bamboo trees. All of them bring us a simple and familiar countryside painting.

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