Rice paper rolls with pork in Da Nang

To mention about Da Nang, surely everyone know the unique dish that is Rice paper rolls with pork. Hereby, there are a lot of local restaurants including the different way to taste this one. Nevertheless, it seems tourists rarely acknowledge the traditional tasting method of local people.

Luckily, at my nearest visiting Danang, my friend who is a truly local citizen to bring me an ancient eatery and guide me how to enjoy that food.

Normally, people see the rice paper rolling pork right away, but there, we dip into a water bowl for a while, then it becomes softer even . After that, we fill pork, lecture, unripe bananas and others. Even though, rice paper and pork are mainly ingredients of this dish. The rice paper is not too thick and thin, after dipping in water this rice paper is still chewy. The pork is used from bacon even pork shoulders including fat and skin which is boiled then dipping into cold water that maintain the sweetness.

Furthermore, the specialty is always which kind of fish sauce they use. The dipping sauce is the soul of Rice paper rolls with pork, the tastier the fish sauce the more delicious the dish becomes. The dish often serves with mắm nêm, a kind of sauce made from fermented fish. Locals will add garlic, chili, lemongrass, and pineapple that are finely minced into this sauce to enhance its flavor.

Literally, I highly recommend the rice paper roll with pork (bánh tráng cuốn thịt heo) is one of signature foods in Danang which must be try once at least.

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