Welcome to Pu Luong, escaping from the noisiness

Rice terraces in the beginning of September

When you are exhausted, would you like to run away and go to a peaceful place?

Pu Luong is one of perfect choices for you which I recommend you

Pu Luong is about 170km from Hanoi City, where impresses travelers by natural scenery, primeval forest, and many terraced fields. The suitable time for visiting is the whole period in a year, nevertheless if you would like to view the ripe terraces, that is the autumn season in September even October.

Nearby, there are many elegant home-stays even hostels to stay and enjoy the moment which you could see the entire of terrace view and hills even mountains.

Mountains go around us

Furthermore, it is so exciting when we come into the village to join the local people’s life which is so rural and I am sure that any people especially foreigners like it.

The road leads to the village

Besides that, local foods like chicken, duck meat, wild pigs and many more which you must try because their stranger tastes you couldn’t figure out at any where.

Duck meat
boiled bamboo

I went to this peaceful place in 2020, therefore I am absolutely to visit there more many times at least in this summer holiday to enjoy the cool atmosphere or by other way, I will avoid the hot temperature in summer.

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