Butterfly season at Cuc Phuong

Indeed, Cuc Phuong is a huge national part with more than 22000 ha widely through 3 provinces, certainly which saves a lot of long-life trees and wild animals.

Specially, from the middle of April to the end of May, it is butterfly season in there. Actually, the weather of this time is rainy to be suitable atmosphere for many various kinds of caterpillars to grow up becoming butterflies. Then, it is time to greet many guests to visit Cuc Phuong who enjoy taking photos with these insects.

By the video I uploaded on story, you could overview the butterflies to fly around this forest. There are white, yellow, black and other butterflies, and they fly along and everywhere.

the road to come Cuc Phuong

If you would like to discover this forest, you should choose in a sunny day because butterflies like to appear under the sunny weather. Surely, you could walk along and discover the long – life trees in this one, especially we have a thousand-old year tree which is protected and maintained by forest keepers.

Besides, you could visit the wild-life animal recovery in this place such as pangolin, languors, turtles and many more which were injured even lost their parents from newborn. After recovery, they will back to the wild life in Cuc Phuong forest even they were protected by rangers.

lovely baby langours
Adult langour

Moreover, we could go trekking for a day to discover the entire of forest, surely you will be attracted by natural beauty from long-life trees, also wild – life animals.

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