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Hue – an ancient city is poetic and tranquil

After 5 years, I returned Hue where is our ancient Palace of our 13 last Kings and that was recognized a cultural heritage by UNESCO , the scenery has been still peaceful and unique that seems nothing has changed for time spans ranging from decades to centuries.

Even though October is not the suitable time to visit Hue however mainly foreign tourists love the moment of Hue in rainy which is really clam and dreaming. Magically, you could image about walking under the light rainy as well as stay inside a coffee shop and wrestle outside that it is extremely picturesque and comfortable.

Talking about Hue, it is not only poetic and charming, nature scenes, but is also known for its unique ancient architectural works in which is impossible not to mention the system of 7 tombs, mausoleums of the Kings of the imperial Nguyen dynasty.

At this time, besides of Hue Palace I visited 4 of these tombs which are Khai Dinh, Tu Duc, Minh Mang, Thanh Thai, each one has specific designs as well as their own signature beauty. For instance, Khai Dinh tomb was built for 10 years which is tomb of 12th King of Nguyen Dynasty, though it is not grandiose in size but it appeals people’s admiration by the sophistication and sharpen of the work. At Khai Dinh mausoleum, tourists go for the harmonious combination between Eastern classical beauty and Western modernity.

In addition, when it is reminded to the poetic but majestic Hue mausoleum, Minh Mang’s tomb is considered at the first thinking of tourists. The mausoleum was built on Cam Khe mountain where the two branches of Huu Trach and Ta Trach intersect the Perfume River. Although it was only built within 3 years, Minh Mang Tomb is still known as one of the most beautiful and elaborate mausoleums in Hue. For other tombs, let’s visit Hue and discover in reality. Surely, you will love this place.

There is one place of Hue we MUST recall that is Hue Citadel. It is true to visit the complex of Hue Citadel, tourists will admire hundreds of magnificent palaces, temples and shrines. Set aside the terrific beauty and unique architecture, travelers will surely enjoy their journey to overtake the Citadel.

Frankly, it takes the entire 3 days to stay with Hue because visiting Hue Cidatel and tombs should be done, there are numerous marvelous places such as Thien Mu Pagoda, An Hien ancient house and many more. That has not yet mentioned about Hue’s foods which are significant in your Hue journey and this one I will present you a different topic.

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