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Fried fishes (Chả cá)- “must try” food in Hanoi

Indeed, if you ask Mr. Google about Hanoi, surely he shows you the one of signature foods which is fried fishes or Chả cá Lã Vọng.

Fried fishes

Why is it Chả cá Lã Vọng?

Originally, this dish was from a hole of the wall at Old Quarter, its address is 14 Chả Cá many years ago. Nevertheless, these days you could figure out many fried fish restaurants in Hanoi such as Chả cá Thăng Long, Chả cá Anh Vũ, Chả cá Hà Thành and many more.

Generally, the taste of these restaurants are the same including fishes, green onion, dill and some other ingredients such as fish sauces, turmeric, sugar, pepper, etc.

In addition, the kind of fish to make this dish is sardines or green catfish which live in ocean, the meat fish is sweet, smell and non small bones.

foods attached eating

The special thing of this dish is fried fishes on the pan to be kept hot, after that we fill green onions and dills to fry with. As you know, normally we eat only little these vegetables like herbs, but here, they are main ingredients.

Moreover, you could order more fish’s guts to fry and mix with those foods. the taste of fish’s guts is quite crispy and light sweet, it is too interesting.

Meanwhile, we dip fried fishes even fried green onions and dills into shrimp paste which is special kind of fish sauce in Vietnam, by the way we could eat attaching peanut, chili, noodle and herbs.

Honesty, it is greatly proud of this food, foreigners love eating. Occasionally, there are some Vietnamese restaurants in other countries to bring our fried fishes to conquer the world.

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